About Us


The Language Training Centre Ltd. became a private company registered with the now Companies Office of Jamaica, on September 3, 1992. It emerged from the department of Government with the same name (Language Training Centre) which was then an integral part of the Manpower Development Division, Ministry of the Public Service, and was charged with the training and development of Public Service officers.

The brain child of the late Sir Egerton Richardson, Jamaica’s first Ambassador to the United Nations, the Centre was originally established as the first phase of a proposed Foreign Service Academy in April 1974.  Jamaica’s independence in August, 1962 demanded that she be represented in countries all over the world including non-English-speaking countries.  The objective of the Centre at its inception, therefore, was to provide training in language skills to all officers of Government, who because of the nature of their duties, needed to have a functional knowledge of a foreign language.  That is why the Centre was first established as a part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself and has always had a special relationship with that Ministry.

As Jamaica became a member not only of the United Nations but a myriad of other organizations, both international and regional, the Centre’s services expanded from its original training mission to incorporate the translation of documents in a number of foreign languages and the interpretation of the spoken word at meetings between Government officers and their counterparts from non-English-speaking countries.  Jamaicans themselves, always an outward-looking people, having become more actively involved with the outside world as students, business and professional people, athletes, singers, tourists and even emigrants also demanded the services of the Language Training Centre.

Today, the Language Training Centre Ltd. provides translation and interpreting services  in a very wide range of languages not only for the people of Jamaica, the Caribbean and the Latin American region but beyond.  It also offers training in an equally wide range of foreign languages and English to Jamaicans, and English to foreign language speakers all over the world.  Indeed, the Language Training Centre Ltd. is the most complete language institution in Jamaica keeping Jamaicans in touch with the outside world.