Translation and Interpretation


Most people find it difficult to tell the difference between translation and interpretation especially since in both cases one language is put into another to facilitate the understanding of people communicating with each other.

The simplest answer is as follows:

"Translation refers to the written word while interpreting refers to the spoken word."  

Let us say for instance that a Spanish- speaking person goes into a bank to open an account.  He knows no English but his daughter who speaks English is with him.  When the clerk tells him that he needs to bring certain documents to the bank including his birth certificate his daughter interprets what the bank clerk says in Spanish. When he tells the bank clerk that the documents are written in  Spanish the daughter interprets what he says in English and when  the bank clerk says that those documents must be translated into English and the translated documents brought to the bank she passes on that information to her father in Spanish.

 Thus, the daughter was interpreting in the bank but the documents that would be handed in are translated from the original Spanish into English.

One very important aspect of translations is that they must be done by people of the highest integrity so that only what is truly on the original document is what is translated.

Indeed both interpreters and translators should not only have excellent language skills of the languages that they are dealing with but they should be people of high moral standard who would not reveal anything of what they had translated or interpreted.

Translation Services

The Language Training Centre offers translation services in a wide range of languages: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, etc. The Centre utilizes the services of competent and experienced translators to provide the most accurate translations to our clients in a timely manner.

We provide translations of:

a) Routine documents -  academic documents; personal records: birth, death and marriage certificates, business correspondence: invoices;

b) General documents – letters, company and hotel brochures; promotional material: website information, flyers, product information (recipes, etc)

c) Semi-technical and technical documents – financial reports, company registration, articles of association, medical reports, construction documents, manuals, contracts, deeds, powers of attorney; other types of documents.

Translations can be authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jamaica for use outside Jamaica.

The Translation department is open Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm and Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Our head office is located at 31 Half-Way-Tree Road, Kingston 5.

Telephone: 1-876-926-0375, 1-876-926-2756